dir. tod browning

A cult classic like none other, Freaks has been spurred with controversy since its release. Political correctness aside, it was panned for its sub-par and unbelievable plot, despite a cast that was unlike any that had been assembled before.

I couldn’t finish it. I tried–God did I try–but it just…no.

For first timers already familiar with the fourth season of American Horror Story, there are familiar elements, including a fantastical love triangle and, well, the appearance of several major characters. I know where the film was going, and it couldn’t hold my interest enough to keep me–even knowing the classic “One of us! One of us!” scene was somewhere, I just…I didn’t care. It was so bad. It cost Tod Browning, the director of Dracula the previous year, his career, and I didn’t even feel sorry for him.

Please don’t even bother. I’m not even gonna share a link to this thing.


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